Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I started work at Fantsuam foundation in February, 2007(18th). Two weeks after that, Pam visited and gave myself and others a training on teachers talking. Before she left, we formed a group of teachers talking learning from each other.

Late last year(November19th - 24th precisely),Pam came again and game myself and others a training on "How to teach ICT."With these, I thought I had got to the peak of my learning journey at Fantsuam. Little did I know that I had just began.During the training, I celebrated my birthday(20th November, 2007). We danced and celebrated joyously. It was a beautiful and wonderful day. Pam gave me a gift (a book) -Our teaching Aid. I was very Happy. We took photographs, some of which are displayed on this blog. Thanks so much to Pam.

This year again, Pam has been around(For the past three weeks) to continue with the ladder climbing of the learning journey. It was another opportunity to learn and learn and learn. I have learnt taking photos, picture editing,making videos, teaching both children and adults and making them ask questions during teaching sessions.

thanks to Ricardo for his gift of DVDs on video making, photography and microsoft. Thanks to him too for the two cameras given to Dadamac SDL, they have fastened our learning.Thanks too to Marcus for his teachings on photography.

I am very happy to be a member of the Dadamac self directed learners. Interestingly too I am a member of the fantsuam CLC self directed learners.

I will keep on with my learning journey as long as life goes on as learning has no peak.

Mercy Isaac.

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