Saturday, October 4, 2008

Learning and Implementing.

At DadaMac SDL our fun and learning never ends now here's how I've been impacted.
I've been practicing a lot of what I've learnt so far; blogging, snapping pic and editing, interestingly I found what I learnt very handy while on my job.
I was trying to upload pics for my quarterly report as evidence of work done and cos the pics were large and unedited I had trouble uploading them until Kelechi showed me how to edit the pics, which I did making the pics lighter and then I got success with uploading them.
I'm sure you will agree with me that the essence of learning is to implement what you learn in solving everyday problems at home and work. Thus, if we are yet to implement what we've learnt in real life situations then learning is yet to be complete.
Have you heard this "Sayers say and doers do but until sayers do and doers say talking will just be an overburdened vocabulary in the mouth of talkers who talk". Figure it out.

"We go through each day with a quiver of arrows to confront our daily challenges. At the close of the day our success is measured not by the number of arrows shot but by how much game we've got. A victor has always got game!"


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Pamela McLean said...

Sannu group one.

Well done on setting up this blog, and including a group photo. I have enjoyed reading your blog. I am very encouraged by your work and your comments.

Next week I hope to see more photos and read more of your comments.

I hope we will also have a chance to try Youtube, if our connection is fast enough.

For people in this group hoping to learn about business skills. Mr Shingu will be doing a session for us on Tuesday at 2pm.